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Project Description
WINBASE is a Component base data driven Graphical User Interface framework for Window Application that lets you reduce the designer code implementation time.

Our Features
There are currently three modules have been developed.

Form Management Module

  • Standard Activities: In this section include Standard form Templates, such as
    1. Permission Access Control
    2. Dynamic UI Navigation
    3. Dynamic Data Editing and
    4. Data Browsing
  • Numbering System: For Numbering System, can easily map between the fields of the database and user interfaces.
  • Mandatory Control: This function let you validate between the mandatory fields of the Database and our standard activities.

Code Management Module

  • Code Generator: can generate for simple logic such as Master Data Activity, currently support in two languages - VB.Net and C#.Net.
  • Query Generator: For create a view from the table, for create a insert, update, delete store procedures, just one click for all.

Reporting Module

  • Report Manager Activity: This Activity will work for link between application and reports, That is also contain parameters parser for advance filtering.

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